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Ascendant Angel
26 May 2015 @ 06:22 pm
If you could go back to any time of your life, when would it be? What made that time so special to you?
I'd just like to go back to last month when I got to meet most of the Sherlock cast, at Sherlocked or any on the past fan conventions I've been to. I have so many wonder memory's from each one.

Other than that I'd like go back to my university years. I actually loved uni the studying as well as the student bar/ environment and the feeling that my life was going somewhere positive.
Ascendant Angel
05 May 2015 @ 07:13 pm
Have you ever had a disastrous job interview? If so, what went wrong?
I once said breast instead of best in an interview, which was a tad embarrassing. I still got the job though. I think it made them remember me.
Ascendant Angel
25 April 2015 @ 12:08 am
So far lots of queing. I waited in line for over an hour to buy stuff from the BBC shop and when I got to the very front they closed.

Tomorrow is the first full day with all the stars, so much to do all the talks, the photos, the autographs. How is anyone suposed to fit this all in in 48hrs!

Tommow it will get to have my picture taken with Benindect.

Must sleep now. Night all.
Ascendant Angel
08 March 2015 @ 11:33 pm
Title: In The Air Tonight
Characters: Sherlock & John
Rating: G
Summery: A collection of short ficlets all inspired by an old i tunes writing challenge put your i tunes on random, and use the songs that come up as your prompts, no skipping allowed. Here is what resulted of this, some sweet, some sad and some comic.

This Chapter: In the Air Tonight  found on A03 HERE
Ascendant Angel
07 March 2015 @ 10:39 pm
What I really need to be doing is tidying my room, well whole house really, mother is coming up early tomorrow. Only issue is its now late and I've not yet started. Oh dear!
Ascendant Angel
03 March 2015 @ 12:35 am
Make it March is a brilliant idea that some one smart on the internet had where they would sew something every day of March. I have tailered this to suit me. Twice a week (or more if I can manage)  through out March I shall make something. It may be a fic, a piece artwork, a pair of earings, or a piece of clothing.

So far I have a short fic that just needs editing, and a drafted, cut and pined but not yet sewn T shirt.

I have also found a old note book with some drabbles in that I might play around with a re write for new fandoms.

I will also be making at least two maxi skirts because a) I love them and b) I want to take them to Sherlocked with me.

Yes in other news I am going to Sherlocked in April, and am a pround gold ticket holder. Yes the ticket prices are inflated but  I have the money right now and last con I did was 10 years ago now. I do hope some more guests are lined up soon though as promised. I kind of booked my ticket on the promosed that there would be more guests for that price, coming acording to the website very soon. However it said that 3 weeks ago and hasn't changed since.

Im actually a little nervous about going I LOVE, LOVE, cons but at the same time I strugle hugly with large social events and can feel award and alone. Also desbite being much older and wiser since my last con i'm more worried about being star stuck, meeting Benidect, and just standing there staring like a deer in headlights.

This is not an unbased fear my last con a star came in to the evening party to mingle and chat with the fans, i think they caught me staring as I was actually beckoned over to them and the small gathing of other fans,  they tried so hard bless them to include me in this group conversation  but i could barly manage more than a  couple of words.
Ascendant Angel
05 January 2015 @ 10:39 pm
I didn't really make new years resolutions as such just to spend more time doing things I enjoy, to improve on my existing hobbies/skills and to challenge myself more.

We are now 5 days into the new year and  this is what I have done.

Things I enjoy:
I have seen 3 films in the cinems (The Hobbit pt3, Hunger Games pt3 & The Theory of Everything)
Seen 5 blu ray/DVD films (The Hunger Games pt 2, Divergent, I frankenstein, Pompeii, Hawkin)
Been to London to see the South Bank christmas market (did not have fun but I got myself out the house and tried so it counts)
Made 2&1/2 fan art graphics (1/2 because ones a varition of the other) and started prep work for a new manip

Challenging things:
Cooked a roast meal for my house mates (this is a chalange for me, I don't cook and I've never done a roast)
Eaten a meal by myself in the pub

Impoving my existing Skills:
Spent a hour or two learing french (I bought a supcription for Babel last year, but spent little time on it)

Things I still want to do by day 7:
Start reading a book, note to self fan fiction is not a book, ( i read a total of 0 last year)
Work on my sewing skills
Work on my photography
Stop pressing the snooze button on my alarm clock (tbh don't see this one working out)
Ascendant Angel
04 January 2015 @ 09:00 pm

I'm finding it hard to use screen caps from the show on larger graphics. I think Ive spoilt myself on blu rays and now my DVD screren caps just look bad quality.
Ascendant Angel
04 January 2015 @ 08:52 pm
My only new years resolution is to make more time for things that I enjoy and I enjoy making fan art.
I made this yesterday, its the fist thing i'm made in forever but I think it turned out okay.

Ascendant Angel
31 December 2014 @ 11:27 pm

Welcome 2015 be good to us all.