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To my American friends i'm so sorry, you deserve better.
First we had brexit then this , I cant help but feel we are moving backwards to a less tolerate and acepting world which makes me so sad.

New Fandom

I have somehow develpoed a new fandom, or and old one since its been off air for a few years CSI: Miami

I brougt the season 1-10 box set a couple of week ago just on a wim really after a watching a old ep on TV  and after a few box set marathons i've seen them all, fell in love and realised since the shows long over all that's left is fandom, most of that seems dead but i might just jump in with some shock paddles and see if i can stir up some life.

Expect icons, lots of them, the show is too pretty not to icon.

In better news

Over the last week that anxity I had finally shifted. My realtionship with mum isn't any better but otherwise I back on par with life again and finally started doing things i enjoy again. I'm icon'ing again and have a batch of over 200 Sherlock icons ready to share.

I've also picked up my decade neglicted idea to lean how to code and create my own website. With  the help of some good aps, the internet, and books I'm feeling opternistic this time that I can do this. My old user name was Rommies voice because that was the name of the fan site I was going to create one day.  It's more than 10 years latter and theres little love left for the fandom but it might just happen.

I've also been to see BC in Hamlet, pleasntly  my seat was nuch better than expected amost dead centre stage. I did enjoy Hamlet I don't regreat going, or even the £100 ticket price, but  it but I have to say it wasn't the best play i've seen.

Also in an effort to do more of things I enjoy i've booked byself a ticket to see Muse live in concert next year and if i ever get off this chair today and get dressed I might do some sewing or photography.