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03 March 2014 @ 06:59 pm
More Job news  
I spoke to the agency woman on Skype today regarding the new job. I still don't really know much, other than I'm working for a delivery company that deals with several company's including Next  and I'll be dealing with Charles Tywhitt customers. I think mostly tracking delivery's but it's all customer service she specially said that it was low pressure and no selling, low pressure sounds like my perfect job.

Starting in under a week without  seeing the place or meeting any people or even knowing the exact hours makes makes me very nervous. There was talk of me being sent a laptop to take to work which worry's me, its obviously not your standard call centre set up then, maybe I'm working out an office in delivery office? IDK. And I've no idea about training, I asked the lady but she doesn't know anything yet.

In other news I have an interview tomorrow (9am!) for a job I'd applied for before, and given up on (there was some issue and I didn't get contacted when I should have). This job is for santander bank and i've met many former santander staff at interviews and the general consensus was don't work for them. But it is 10 minutes from my house, and at this point I still want to keep my options open, santander are looking to take on over 100 staff so if I look fairly competent i'd say my chances are good. The money on this one is less than the last and training is not local but the big selling point is the job is in walking distance. I might end up with two jobs offers again.
Katiefantasysci5 on March 3rd, 2014 09:07 pm (UTC)
I hope the low-stress job works out for you, and you figure out exactly what's going on. I know I get stressed if I don't have a plan in front of me.